Additional Resources

Throughout the Early Career workshop, I hear from participants who have questions about various topics that we don't cover in the workshop, or who want more information about topics that are covered. Below are some links to resources on these topics. Please email me if you'd like information about topics not listed below.

Also, if you are a participant in the 2009 workshop, you can join our facebook group.

-- Carol Ormand



Integrating Research in Teaching

  • Greg Hancock's One-Semester Undergraduate Research Projects
    When Greg first started teaching at the College of William and Mary, he strategically used his undergraduate majors courses to explore possible topics for his own research program.


For Non-Geologists in Geology Departments

  • Teach Yourself Geology
    From the publisher's website: Teach Yourself Geology addresses the implications of climate change and the many recent developments in research on geology on other planets. Written in jargon-free language, you'll understand key geological concepts, even if you are new to the subject.

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