Guidelines for Research Students

Overarching Comments

  • Explicit guidelines are helpful, whether written or verbal
    • Especially for undergraduate students: guidelines help them learn how science is done
  • Concern that a document like this may put off prospective students
  • Such a document should reflect the advisor's personality; make it your own

Particular Topics to Include in Guidelines

  • Time expectations
    • Especially time on task
    • Expectations may differ for different students (depending on fellowship, assistantship, others)
    • Particularly important for undergraduates
    • Deadlines and planners may be helpful
  • Authorship and intellectual property
    • There's no single way to do this, but it's important to clarify for your students what your expectations for authorship and intellectual property are
    • Richelle: the National Academy of Engineering has an Online Ethics Center , which includes a page of case studies on publication and credit
  • Field, lab and equipment guidelines
  • Safety guidelines & policies: we can't assume that students know these things
  • Ethics: what is ethical scientific behavior? We think it's obvious, but it may not be.