Student Learning Outcomes

Geoscience Department, Winona State University

Graduates of the WSU Geoscience Department will be able to:*

  1. Nurture their own scientific curiosity in order to formulate scientific questions, identify multiple working hypotheses, and select appropriate methods to address a geologic problem in a novel situation.
  2. Observe, collect, describe, and map geologic data.
  3. Visualize spatial and temporal relationships between geologic data.
  4. Connect various sub-disciplines of geologic knowledge and integrate knowledge from other sciences to interpret geologic data.
  5. Relate science to political, social, cultural contexts.
  6. Communicate their findings effectively in both oral and written venues to scientific and non-scientific audiences.
  7. Critically evaluate data, interpretations, and conclusions in their own work and the work of others.

* Note: The order in which these objectives are listed does not imply any priority; all are deemed equally important to the faculty.