Student Learning Outcomes

Geology Department, Miami University

  • Understanding of and ability to apply the scientific method.
  • Acquisition of critical thinking skills and the ability to apply these in
    1. the evaluation of published information and existing knowledge
    2. the formulation of questions pertaining to Earth Systems Science
    3. the development and execution of a research problem and
    4. the general acquisition of new knowledge.
  • Mastery of a broad base of disciplinary concepts, knowledge, methods (skills), and applications.
  • Mastery of the conceptual framework for understanding the spatial and temporal aspects of Earth features and processes and the influence of these on the development and evolution of Earth systems.
  • Acquisition of quantitative skills for data collection, analysis, and synthesis.
  • Ability to think and work independently and as a team player within a diverse research group.
  • Establishment of a general curiosity about how the Earth works and of the complexities of Earth system interactions in the context of a global community.