Student Learning Goals

Geology Department, Humboldt State University

  1. Provide students with the ability to collect, process, and interpret scientific data.
  2. Provide students with a field-based geologic education so that concepts taught in the classroom can be readily applied in the field.
  3. Train students in the communication of scientific information using written, oral, graphical, and electronic forms.
  4. Train students to recognize underlying geologic processes and to have a scientifically-based understanding of the interactions between human activities and these geologic processes.
  5. Provide a sufficiently broad and rigorous scientific background to allow qualified students to pursue graduate study in geology and related sciences.
  6. Provide a fundamental scientific education that fosters critical thinking and the ability to make informed decisions on scientific issues in our society with particular emphasis on geologic hazards in the Pacific Rim such as landslides and earthquakes.
  7. Train students in the availability, utilization and conservation of earth resources.
  8. Train students to enter professional careers in the earth sciences.