Student Learning Outcomes or Learning Goals

Department of Marine and Environmental Science, Hampton University


Upon the completion of required marine science and environmental science courses, the student will be expected to:

  1. Synthesize principles and skills derived from the basic sciences in the application of the scientific method to problems relevant to marine and environmental science;
  2. Review critically germane scientific literature, based on specific criteria;
  3. Integrate extracted information from scientific literature;
  4. Conduct field and laboratory investigations that will include data analysis to statistical hypothesis testing;
  5. Demonstrate competency in presenting the results of field and laboratory investigations at professional meetings; and culminate in a scientific journal style paper;
  6. Complete successfully an internship at an external site by satisfying established requirements: six-week minimum duration; direct supervision and evaluation; involvement in a variety of meaningful activities; responsible performance of tasks and duties required, and completion of a final summary paper.