Student Learning Goals

Geosciences Department, San Francisco State University

Overall goal: The department aims to produce graduates who can solve geologic problems, communicate with others effectively, and relate the science to societal needs. The specific learning objectives for the BA degree in geology (1-4) and the BS degree in geology (1-6) are described below. Course portfolio assignments are designed to address these learning objectives.

  1. Abilities to investigate geologic problems by making observations and collecting data in the field/laboratory and to formulate and test geologic hypotheses.
  2. Ability to conceptualize spatial data and temporal geologic change.
  3. Ability to effectively communicate results of geologic investigations in written and oral formats.
  4. Ability to use scientific principles to address societal issues such as natural hazards, resource utilization and conservation, and environmental change.

    (5 and 6 apply to the BS degree only)
  5. Ability to design and implement a geologic investigation with faculty supervision.
  6. Abilities to use literature resources and to integrate the results of others with one's own investigations.