Initial Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Questionnaire for Alums Attending Graduate School

From the Geology Department, Carleton College


  1. To advise current students about the strengths, weaknesses and ethos of graduate programs, from the perspective of young Carleton alumni;
  2. To ask alumni for advice about the Carleton geology program so that we can improve it;
  3. To keep in contact with alumni.


It is now a web-based form and alums may fill it out at any time. I think that alumni are encouraged to find it and fill it out through an email sent once a year or so to the alumni mailing list.

Use of the Data

Responses to the survey are circulated among the department faculty. When a particular concern is raised in several surveys, we meet to discuss that and decide whether a change in curriculum or requirements might be beneficial. Survey responses are also made available to current students (and other alums).


It's been very successful. Of course, it's not a direct measure of anything, but the information the alums provide is very useful for both faculty and students. There's a specific "with 20/20 hindsight" question and all of the answers tend to be in this vein - they deal specifically with the things that are likely to be student concerns.


Download the questionnaire. (Microsoft Word 179kB Feb3 09)