Initial Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Student Survey for General Education Courses

From the Geology & Astronomy Department at West Chester University


This (anonymous) student self-assessment survey helps us to evaluate whether students are aware of how our department's introductory courses meet the University's Goals for General Education. In addition, it provides an assessment of how well the students think the courses have met the General Education Goals.


Most faculty give the instrument in paper form to students to fill out right after the last exam. Some faculty put the survey on Blackboard.

Use of the Data

We use the survey as part of the evaluation of whether the department is meeting the Goals of General Education at WCU. It provides another part of the picture, in addition to assessing student performance on specific questions or tasks pertaining to course content.


The instrument has been successful in giving us insight into how students perceive how well each course is connected to and meets the General Education Goals. This information is NOT available from the student course evaluation form used at WCU, and is not the same as assessing student performance. The self-assessment is an important part of understanding how students perceive the value of our courses within the University model.


Download the Student Survey for General Education Courses (Microsoft Word 35kB Feb12 09)