Geoscience at GateWay Community College

Overview and Context

GateWay Community College is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is one of 10 community colleges in the Maricopa community college district. GateWay serves over 13,000 every year, around 80% of which are part-time students. 125 degree programs are offered to students. The Environmental Science Department has 1 full-time faculty member, who also serves as the program director, and 15 adjuncts. A new part-time faculty member will be hired in the coming year to accommodate the recent growth of the program.

Degree Programs

Support for Diverse Students

GateWay Community College is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution with just over 25% of the student body indicating that they are Hispanic. More information is provided about how minority students are supported on the Supporting Minority Students at GateWay Community College web page.

Preparing Future Teachers

Participation in Interdisciplinary Programs

Serving the Campus Community

Additional Info