Criminal Justice Emergency Management Track, Edward Waters College

Information for this profile was provided by Judy Scott, Edward Waters College. Information is also available on the program website. Students in this program are pursuing a bachelors degree.

Program Design & Assessment


Our department is Criminal Justice, however we have several tracks one of which is Emergency Management

Strengths of this program
The main strength is preparing our students how to handle situations that may happen in emergency situations including natural disasters

Types of students served
We are an HBCU and the majority of our students are minorities as well as first generation students.

Program Goals

The goals of this program are as follows:
To prepare students for employment in this area
To prepare students how to handle emergency situations including natural disasters

The learning goals were informed by the following resources:
There is not a program of this type in our area and although Jacksonville has few natural disasters, we know the day may come

How program goals are assessed
This is a fairly new degree track and it too soon to be assessed.

Design features that allow goals to be met:

Alumni Careers

Graduation rate
The following majors will participate: Criminal Justice, Math and Science.

Careers pursued by our alumni
We have been very successful in the Criminal Justice Dept. Currently, we are the largest program on campus with a lot of success in career opportunities for our students

Courses and Sequencing

Diagram of course sequencing and requirements

Entry into the degree
Our main introductory courses are Introduction to Criminal Justice and Introduction to Emergency Management

Core Courses
Since Emergency Management is a track of Criminal Justice our core classes are the same for all 3 tracks:

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Judiciary
Intro to Courts and the Law
Correctional Policies & Practices
Probation & Parole
Juvenile Delinquency
Criminal Law & Procedures
Internship in Emergency Management

Elective courses and Requirements
1. Intro to International Disaster Management (3 cr)
2. Natural Disaster Management 3 cr
3. Public Safety Critical Incident Response 3 cr

We are also going to include additional courses dealing with natural disasters based on information received from workshop.


Supporting Science and Math Courses
Life Science w/Lab
General Biology-I w/Lab
General Biology-II with Lab
Earth Science
Physical Science w/Lab
Chemistry with Lab
Chemistry II with Lab

Other key features of this program:

Supporting Materials