This is the beginning page of the Cutting Edge Tutorial for Designing Effective and Innovative Courses. If you have dropped in from somewhere else, you might wish to start at the tutorial introduction or overview.

Tutorial Table of Contents

Part 1: Setting goals
1.1 Articulating course context and constraints
1.2 Setting overarching goals
1.3 Setting ancillary skills goals
1.4 Choosing content to achieve overarching goals
Part 2: Designing the course
2.1 Developing a course plan
2.2 Exploring teaching strategies and assignment/activity design
2.3 Assessing student learning
2.4 Constructing the course syllabus
Part 3: Following through
3.1 Tips for successful follow-through
3.2 Final thoughts


©2005 On-line Course Design Tutorial developed by Dr. Barbara J. Tewksbury (Hamilton College) and Dr. R. Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary) as part of the program On the Cutting Edge, funded by NSF grant DUE-0127310.