Designing GIS and Remote Sensing Courses, Modules, and Activities for Teaching Geoscience Students

An online workshop with opportunities for face-to-face interaction

Beginning March 2011 and ending October 2011.

Registration is closed for this workshop.

Finding the time, energy, and inspiration to develop a new GIS or Remote Sensing course and activities, or to re-design an existing one, can be a challenge for faculty. Furthermore, many GIS and remote sensing courses are taught in departments other than geology departments and incorporate few geological examples, and many geology majors graduate with little experience using GIS and remote sensing to solve geology-related problems. 

This workshop is designed for 1) geology faculty who want to develop GIS and remote sensing courses or modules for their geology courses and 2) faculty who teach GIS and remote sensing in other departments who want to develop relevant geology examples that can be incorporated into general GIS and remote sensing courses to better meet the needs of geology students and to broaden the experiences of other students.

We are looking for participants who are familiar with GIS or remote sensing and are interested in designing or redesigning an effective and innovative course in one of the following:

  • a course specifically for geology majors (e.g., GIS for Geoscientists).
  • a general GIS or remote sensing course incorporating one or more geology-focused assignments or activities.
  • a geology course with a GIS or remote sensing module (e.g., an intro geology course, structural geology, petrology, hydrogeology).

This workshop will combine the experience of On the Cutting Edge in successfully helping literally hundreds of faculty members design effective courses and course materials with the resources developed in conjunction with the summer 2011 Cutting Edge workshop Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Teaching Geoscience in the 21st Century.


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This workshop is part of On the Cutting Edge, a professional development program for current and future geoscience faculty, sponsored by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers with funding provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation-Division of Undergraduate Education

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