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Part 3.2 Final Thoughts

If you have not already done so, we hope that you will go to our Goals/syllabus data base and submit your course details, goals, and course syllabus to our growing collection of course examples.

As you are developing your course, we hope that you will use the collection of resources at the Cutting Edge website and that you will take advantage not only of the resources but of future workshop opportunities offered by On the Cutting Edge.

We hope, too, that you have found this course design process intellectually stimulating and helpful in guiding you to develop an effective and innovative course. You may find the goals-setting process useful in other areas as well—many of us have successfully used the process to evaluate departmental curricula.

As always, if you have feedback for us, we would appreciate any comments about your experience in using the process to design a course or about the tutorial itself. If you have comments, please send an e-mail to Barbara Tewksbury.


©2005 On-line Course Design Tutorial developed by Dr. Barbara J. Tewksbury (Hamilton College) and Dr. R. Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary) as part of the program On the Cutting Edge, funded by NSF grant DUE-0127310.

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