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Tutorial Overview

In the most commonly-used method of course design, an instructor plans a course around a list of content items important to the discipline, with those items typically taken from a chapter list in a good text. Our tutorial, on the other hand, centers a course around a set of overarching goals that answer the question, "What do I want my students to be able to do when they have completed the course?"

What can I expect in the tutorial?

How should I use the tutorial?

How long will the tutorial take?

Different people will work through this tutorial at vastly different speeds. Here, however, are a few guide posts:

What other resources are there on course design?

You may join our email list on course design in the geosciences.

While our workshop participants tell us that our strategy for course design outlined in this tutorial is practical and effective, it is by no means unique, nor is it the only way to design a course. Many others have written about course design, and we encourage you to refer to our resource list for other sources about course design.

If you have feedback for us, we would appreciate any comments about your experience in using this tutorial. If you have comments, please send an e-mail to Barbara Tewksbury.

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