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Let's get the discussion started early -- any thoughts, questions, comments on the upcoming book club choice? I'm particularly pleased that this book is open source and available to everyone online free. I'm curious how much of an audience such a method of distribution produces.


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I really liked the energy reduction the author did on his house based on his usage history. How many of you have done something similar? Do you even have access to such detailed data? Our local provider just made that possible with a SMARTMETER last month, and I've lost a fair bit of time reviewing that data (inspired by the book).


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Hi Katryn,

I am a big fan of personal energy reduction efforts, both for myself and my students. We use kill-a-watt meters so we can directly measure electricity use for a variety of tasks. That way you know where to focus your efforts so that you can do more than "a little" as the author points out.

I have a series of energy use calculation worksheets that I developed for student use. They are part of our energy conservation project, called The Lifestyle Project.


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