Ideas for Teaching with Ice Core Data

During the 2008 Cutting Edge workshop on teaching climate change using ice core data participants were asked to work in small groups to brainstorm for ideas to bring ice core data into the classroom. These ideas are not fully-formed teaching activities (such as are found in the classroom activities collection), but rather they are outlines that could be developed into fully formed activities.
Two ice cores from Antarctica. In the core in the foreground, gas bubbles are visible. The core in the background contains a volcanic ash layer.

Debate: Be it resolved that global warning is anthropogenic, not natural

The ONLY climate change lab (meaning this lab could be used in a course in which there is only one lab about climate change)

Bring it home: Evidence of abrupt climate change

Correlating geologic time with the archeological record using ice core climate data

Bipolar climate puzzler

An ice-sheet modeling exercise: Theory, data, and the importance that the twain shall meet

Climate change and interpreting ice core data

How do polar and tropical ice cores correlate?