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Book club -- Aspects of thermohaline circulation and its effects on climate change that you would like to discuss during book club  

I would very much like to hear from others as to how they teach the Great Ocean Conveyor (and whether, in fact, they even do). I teach thermohaline circulation, upwelling, downwelling, and surface currents, but I don't focus on the simplified conveyor model typically found in textbooks, because I think it is too simple. Since Wally's book came out, there has been further discussion on its simplicity and usability. Wally himself indicated at AGU this year that things have changed for him as well -- but it's still a useful model. Would love to pursue this further...


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I was very sorry to miss the live discussion, I had a meeting suddenly scheduled that I could not miss. Reading the book, it clarified the cycles, as well as the events and their causes concerning freshwater inundation. My only problem with the book was the author did not explain where any of his statistics, formulas, and information came from. There were no footnotes, no bibliography, which makes me ask, "Why?"


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Good question! :)


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