Career Prep Workshop: Lake Mead Field Trip Photo Gallery

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Photos by Kimberley Gallagher, University of Connecticut

Workshop participants at the Calliver Bay Marina entrance
Workshop participants on the boat at Lake Mead
Landscape around Lake Mead

Photos by Jennifer Glass, Arizona State University

Sandals that were left in Lake Mead and rapidly became infested with quagga mussels, an invasive species that has become a huge problem at the lake in recent years.
Landscape around Lake Mead.

Photos by Amber Harris, University of Rhode Island

Listening to a talk on the boat.
Lake Mead landscape.
Lake Mead - Forever Earth.

Photos by Breanyn MacInnes, University of Washington

Boat deck on Lake Mead.
Lake Mead landscape.
Lake Mead marina and loading dock.

Photos by Shinichi Kobara, Texas A&M University

Lake Mead aquatic life
More Lake Mead aquatic life
Swimming in Lake Mead