Images - Woburn Toxic Trial

These digital images provide a visual framework of the Woburn Toxic Trial that people reading "A Civil Action" can use to picture the participants, places, and events in their mind's eye.

  • Pictures of Woburn and Boston documenting the People and places in the Woburn Toxic Trial
  • Images of the Plaintiffs' homes and defendants' properties in east and north-central Woburn
  • Pictures of Woburn's municipal wells and water supply system including never contaminated wells A-F in the central part of the city and water tanks
  • Images of the U.S. Geological Survey activities performed in 1985 and 1986 for U.S. EPA to evaluate the interconnection between the Aberjona River and the underlying aquifer; the data from the stream gaging and water-level measurements were provided to the parties in the federal trial as uninterpreted hydrogeologic and geologic data
  • Images of the Geology, Aberjona River, and monitoring wells can be used to help understand the hydrogeology and the groundwater flow system in the Wells G and H area