Images - U.S. Geological Survey Activities

These photographs were taken by USGS employees prior to and during the 30-day pumping test in December 1985 and January 1986. The USGS planned and performed the test for USEPA as part of its investigations of the Wells G & H Superfund Site. The test was designed to investigate the amount of induced infiltration of river water into the underlying aquifer to help determine the feasibility of using large capacity wells near the river to cleanup the extensive ground-water contamination in the buried valley sediments. The raw drawdown and streamflow data from the aquifer test were made available to the trial participants. The final results and USGS interpretations are published in (Myette and others 1987 ).

Drilling rig in wetland
Floating drilling rig constructing well S92 just west of river
Boardwalk into wetland just west of well H
Seismic equipment used to estimate depth to top of bedrock
Preparing geophone cable

Well G in 1985
Well H in 1985
Water-level measurement in well G before 30-day test
Temporary discharge line for Well H during 30-day test
Testing discharge lines prior to 30-day test

Temporary discharge lines from wells G and H
Fire truck used to notify all that pumping began at wells G and H
Wetland water level falling below ice that formed the night before 30-day test began indicating rapid induced infiltration
Measuring water levels in wells S87 on first day of 30-day test
Measuring water levels in well S90 on first day of the test

Measuring water levels and taking water samples in a well in 1985
USGS field data sheets from gaging the Aberjona River at Salem Street and Olympia Avebue