Historic Photographs: Merrimack Chemical Co. and IndustriPlex Superfund Site

The Merrimac Chemical Company was founded in...(Tarr 1987 ). It was a major producer of ... until 190x . Since that time, the property has been the home to a variety of other chemical companies. In 1982, the property was added to the National Priorities List (Superfund). The property is located adjacent to the Aberjona River about two miles upstream of the municipal wells G and H.

Merrimack Chemical Company

Pesticides (grasshoppers) manufactured by Merrimac Chemical were shipped all across New England

Rat poison for use in houses and farms was produced by Merrimac Chemical

IndustriPlex Superfund Site

The IndustriPlex Superfund Site in north Woburn was added to the National Priority List in....

The IndustriPlex property occurs two miles upstream of the wells G and H