Initial Publication Date: October 17, 2007

Plaintiffs' Homes and Defendants' Properties

The defendants' properties no longer look like the images shown below. The Riley Tannery buildings owned by Beatrice Foods were torn down in the early 1990s and the Cryovac Plant owned by W.R. Grace is no longer operating and the buildings have been vacant for many years. Most of the plaintiffs moved after the trial. These photographs are of the homes they lived in before or at the time of the trial.

Plaintiffs' Homes

Map of Woburn showing locations of plaintiffs homes and defendants properties
Home of Robbie Robbins
Home of Patrick Toomey
Home of Jessica Aufiero
Home of Pete Gamache

Home of Jimmy Anderson
Home of Jarod Aufiero
Home of Kevin Kane
Home of Michael Zona

Defendants' Properties

Beatrice Foods / Riley Tannery

View of Riley Tannery buildings in 1986
Aerial view of Riley Tannery with 15 acres in background
Footer excavation at warehouse built on Riley Tannery property
Well located in the 15-acre property that supplied water to the bean house at the tannery
For protection, pressure transducers stored in portable toilets during 30-day test

W.R. Grace Cryovac Plant

Main Office at Cryovac Plant
Cryovac manufactured food-processing equipment
TCE to manufacture food-processing equipment
View from Washington Street at W.R. Grace property
Back door on southside of Cryovac Plant

Southside of Cryovac property with monitoring wells
Excavation of buried drums behind Cryovac buildings
Excavation of buried drums
Excavation of buried drums