Who's Who in the Woburn Toxic Trial

For the Plaintiffs'

Plaintiff Families

Anderson - Anne, Charles, Christine, James
Robbins - Donna, Kevin, Robbie
Aufiero - Lauren, Richard, Eric, Jarrod
Gamache - Kathy, Todd, Amy, Roland
Kane - Patricia, Kevin Sr., Kathleen, Timothy, Margaret, Kevin Jr.
Toomey - Mary, Richard, Mary, and Patrick
Aufiero - Diane, Robert, and Jessica
Zona - Joan, Pat, Ronald, Anne, John, Michael

Plaintiffs' Attorneys

Schlichtmann Conway & Crowley - Jan Schichtmann, William Crowley, Kevin Conway, Thomas Kiley, Charles Nesson (Harvard Professor)

Plaintiffs' Expert Witnesses

John Drobinski (geologist), George Pinder (hydrogeologist)

For the Defense

Beatrice Attorneys

Hale & Dorr - Jerome Facher, Neil Jacobs, Donald Frederico

Beatrice Expert Witnesses

Ellis Koch (hydrogeologist), Olin Braids (geochemist) 

W.R. Grace Attorneys

Foley Hoag & Eliot - William Cheeseman, Michael Keating, Sandra Lynch, Marc Temin

W.R. Grace Expert Witnesses

Steven Maslansky (geologist), John Guswa (hydrogeologist)

Other Participants

Woburn Officials

John Rabbit (mayor), Thomas Mernin (city engineer)

F.A.C.E. Members

Reverand Bruce Young, Anne Anderson, Donna Robbins, Gretchen Latowsky

Court Officials

Walter J. Skinner (judge), Marie Cloonan (court recorder)

Reporters and Authors

Charlie Ryan - Woburn Daily Times Chronicle
Dan Kennedy - Woburn Daily Times Chronicle
Mark Sullivan - Woburn Daily Times Chronicle
Mitchell Pacelle - The American Lawyer
Paula DiPerna - Cluster Mystery
Jonathan Harr - A Civil Action