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Information from the Federal Trial

  • A list of who's who among the plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, expert witnesses, and others involved in the federal trial
  • Trial documents including subpoenas, original complaints filed with the court, opening statements, closing arguments, Judge Skinner's charge to the jury, and trial exhibits
  • Excerpts of trial testimony from 5 expert witnesses in the federal trial
  • Newspaper articles written before, during, and after the federal trial
  • The Trial Cronology of events
  • Photographs of the plaintiffs' homes, defendants' properties, law offices and courthouse in Boston, courtroom, wells G and H, Aberjona River, U.S. Geological Survey activities, among others
  • Images of healthy and leukemic blood cells
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    Videoclips and Images of Ohio State's Mock Trials

  • Videoclips of students playing roles in one of the Ohio State mock trials
  • Pictures of students from another Ohio State mock trial showing depositions, direct testimony, cross examination, explaining exhibits, sidebars, opening statements, closing arguments, and the verdict
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    Woburn's Industrial History, Water Supply System, and Two Superfund Sites

  • Appendix B (GeoTrans, 1987) written by Professor Joel Tarr (Acrobat (PDF) 31.1MB Jun19 09): Chapter 1 - Industrialization of Woburn, Chapter 2 - Woburn Water Supply History, Chapter 3 - History of Pollution of the Aberjona River, Chapter 4 - Tanneries, Piggeries, Municipal Waste and Pesticides
  • Photographs of Woburn, its municipal wells and water distribution system, and monitoring wells
  • Letters, reports, and images showing the exploration, construction, and use of wells G & H
  • Historic photographs of tanneries and Aberjona River pollution
  • Historic photographs of the Merrimack Chemical Co. & IndustriPlex Superfund Site in Woburn
  • Aerial photographs of Woburn showing land-use changes between 1956 and 1990; includes an explanation of aerial photography and how to view aerial photos in 3-D
  • Maps showing surficial geology, locations of plaintiffs' homes and defendants' properties, sources of VOCs, streets and street names
  • Google Earth coverages showing features in Boston and Woburn
  • Photographic overview of remediation activities at the Wells G & H Superfund Site
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    Data Sets

  • U.S. Geological Survey water-level data (Excel 38kB May24 07) measured in 1985-1986, used by expert witnesses in the trial
  • U.S. Geological Survey stream gaging data (Excel 19kB May24 07) measured between Olympia Avenue and Salem Street in 1985 and 1986, used by expert witnesses
  • Construction details of U.S. EPA, state, and defendants' observation wells (Microsoft Word 95kB May25 07) used to measure water levels in 1985 and 1986
  • Summary of site-specific permeability values (Microsoft Word 51kB May25 07) from various reports
  • Compilation of well logs and VOC analyses (Acrobat (PDF) 2.7MB Jul3 06) from various reports
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  • Videoclips of dye moving in a sand tank model for demonstrating hydrogeologic concepts
  • Visualizations from 1960 to 1986 of TCE movement, induced infiltration of river water to wells G & H, and concentrations of TCE + PCE in municipal water supplied to residences in Woburn
  • Bibliography and references of articles, reports, maps, and theses in a searchable database
  • Links to a variety of other websites dealing with Woburn and the federal trial
  • Resources Organized by Learning Module
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