Woburn Maps and Graphs

The maps and graphs in this collection are for general use and for use by students involved in performing a mock trial. As is, the maps and graphs can serve as trial exhibits or can be digitally modified to create new exhibits.

  • USGS map (Acrobat (PDF) 608kB May1 07) of watersheds in Massachusetts
  • Hydrograph from the Aberjona River (Acrobat (PDF) 1.6MB Jan23 07) based on data recorded by U.S. Geological Survey at the Winchester gaging station
  • Regional surficial geology map (Acrobat (PDF) 329kB May4 07) of the area north of Boston from Chute, N.E. (1959)
  • Map of Woburn streets (a 2238 by 3096 pixel JPEG)
  • Map of the Municipal Wells of Woburn, MA (a 2208 by 3088 pixel JPEG)
  • FACE map of childhood leukemia cases in Woburn (a 2228 by 3100 pixel JPEG) from 1964 to 1986
  • Map of Woburn Trial Litigants (a 2200 by 3100 pixel JPEG) relative to wells G and H
  • GeoTrans map (Acrobat (PDF) 1.1MB May3 07) of the upper Aberjona River watershed showing the river and its tributaries
  • GeoTrans map (Acrobat (PDF) 1.1MB May3 07) of contaminated properties in the upper Aberjona River watershed
  • Locations of the 5 known VOC source areas (Acrobat (PDF) 267kB Jun7 07) within Wells G & H Superfund Site
  • John Drobinski's 1985 field map (Acrobat (PDF) 465kB May3 07) of the Beatrice 15-acre property, which was presented in the federal trial in a larger format