Geology, Aberjona River & Wetland, Monitoring Wells


Surficial geology map (Chute, 1944)
Bedrock exposed along Wildwood Avenue
Thin section of Dedham Granodiorite
Fracture in bedrock along Wood Avenue west of Aberjona River
Polished and unpolished faces of cores from Beatrice property

Diamicts from a split-spoon sample in a monitoring well south of W.R. Grace and from a shallow excavation at the former Riley Tannery property
Sands taken from split-spoon samples from the BUG well just north of Olympia Avenue and west of the UniFirst property
Lodgement till from split-spoon samples taken in wells drilled at W.R. Grace
Peat sample from wetland obtained with a post-hole digger
Organic matter from a washed sample of peat

Aberjona River and Wetland

Aberjona River watershed
USGS gaging station and weir on Aberjona River in Winchester, MA
Scott Bair and Maura Metheny on the mighty Aberjona - beaver dam in background
Aberjona River and wetland from Salem Street bridge
North end of wetland with well H in foreground

Boardwalk built into wetland to access monitoring wells for the 30-day aquifer test
Aberjona River lies just past monitoring wells in left foreground
Aberjona River wetland looking east from 15-acre property
Aberjona River near Salem Street bridge

Monitoring Wells

Nest of S90 wells between wells G and H on the east floodplain
Shallow, middle, deep wells in the S84 nest between wells G and H
BW6 well nest on the 15-acre property at site of Debris Pile E
Wells in back of Grace property at site of drum excavation