MATLAB is an "easy programming" tool to each engineering discipline

Yevgeny Gayev, Aerospace Control Systems Department, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

I am an insistent propagator of active methods in teaching of everything. Of course, in teaching Physics but also in active teaching Mathematics. I.e., of doing experiments in Mathematics like we do them in Physics. I call this "method of own student discoveries" [1]. Recent students are very strange with regard to my generation. They like computer games instead of such basic disciplines as Math and Physics. That's why in my books [2,3] I try to exploit such their features to involve first year students to programming instead of hiking the Internet. MATLAB allows to understand algorithmization, all the programming tools and main data types. At the end of the second semester they create so valuable their Term Works and programs that some may be published in journals [4-8].

I am going to tell in the Seminar how do I create my Programming course for beginners. It is my call to other educators to exploit student's love to programming in their disciplines. As for me, I utilize my method of "Own student' discoveries" by means of "Easy MATLAB-programming" in teaching such disciplines as "Information Processes Theory" [6,9] and "Imitational modelling of complex systems". It is my intention to present another essays about the latter.

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