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Glacier Flow Model and Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
Dan Morgan, Vanderbilt University
The goal of this assignment is for students to recognize that adding some randomization and "noise" to a model yields different results each time we run the model, and we can pull some useful statistics ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Problem Set
Subject: Geoscience

Impacts of anthropogenic sound on marine mammals
Andrew Fischer, university of tasmania
Marine mammals rely on sound for their daily existence. Therefore, the introduction of anthropogenic noise in the marine environment can have a profound impact on their behavior. Listening to sounds in the ocean is ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Environmental Science

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Project
Dan Burleson, University of Houston-University Park
This activity is a project designed to introduce undergraduate chemical engineering students to chemical engineering thermodynamics in the context of MATLAB. The project requires students to learn concepts they ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Project
Subject: Chemistry:Chemical Engineering, Engineering

Using Regression Models to make Predictions
Michelle Isenhour, Naval Postgraduate School
This activity introduces students to prediction and confidence intervals for a simple linear regression model using a MATLAB Live Script. To draw a connection to confidence intervals for an unknown population mean, ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Mathematics

Kinetics of Herbicide Photodegradation
Kristi Closser, California State University-Fresno
This lab activity is designed to connect student's knowledge of reaction rates to actual data and an unfamiliar system (photodegradation of phenylurea herbicides in the presence of various catalysts). Students ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity
Subject: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics

Preparing data for climate change analysis using MATLAB
Alexandre Martinez, University of California-Irvine
In this activity, we mainly learn the importance of analyzing data format before applying models to it, with the examples of drought. We use monthly precipitation from the Climate Research Unit (gridded data) and ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Classroom Activity
Subject: Engineering

Regression Methods on real time and synthetic datasets
Rizwan Qureshi, City University of Hong Kong
In this activity, we will learn five popular regression algorithms. We also test their behavior for different number of data sizes, With/without outliers and different orders. - Least Squares (LS) - Regularized ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Lab Activity, Classroom Activity
Subject: Engineering, Mathematics

Transitioning from Excel to MATLAB Diffusion Models
Kendra Lynn, University of Delaware
This activity is part of a larger module that introduces students to two different ways to model chemical diffusion in minerals: 1) 1D diffusion in Excel using finite differences and 2) 1D diffusion in MATLAB using ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Problem Set, Lab Activity
Subject: Geoscience

Introduction to hydrologic model calibration
Matin Rahnamay Naeini, University of California-Irvine
In this exercise, we introduce the concept of model calibration for rainfall-runoff models. We specifically employ a synthetic precipitation data as input to the hydrologic model to generate synthetic runoff. The ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Problem Set, Classroom Activity
Subject: Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics

Weather by MATLAB
Stormy Attaway, Boston University
This assignment reinforces material on using API keys to scrape data from web sites. In this case, temperature data is acquired for a given set of cities. The temperatures must then be plotted in a manner that is ...

Resource Type: Activities: Activities:Project
Subject: Engineering