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Project Based Learning with MATLAB in Engineering Modeling and Design Course
Muhammad Khan, Arkansas Tech University
Muhammad Khan, Arkansas Tech University A primary attribute of engineering education is its focus on preparing future engineers to model and design engineering systems. Understanding of mathematical models, ...

Subject: Engineering

Assessing Computational Thinking in Engineering Design with a Workshop Environment
Michael Thorburn, California State University-Los Angeles
Michael A Thorburn, Engineering, California State University-Los Angeles Background. My job at Cal State LA is to run the Capstone Senior Design Program for the College of Engineering, Computer Science and ...

Subject: Engineering

Challenges with teaching computation
Babasola Ogunsanya, Montgomery College
Babasola Ogunsanya, Mathematics, Montgomery College According to Mathworld (2019) computation can be defined as an operation that begins with some initial conditions and gives an output which follows from a ...

Subject: Mathematics

Teaching Computational Thinking Skills from the Student's Early Years Through College
Samuel Olatunbosun, Norfolk State University
Samuel BO Olatunbosun, Computer Science, Norfolk State University Overview Computational thinking (CT), a popular term that experienced a surge of popularity in the 2000s, refers to a broad range of psychological ...

Subject: Computer Science

MATLAB is an Effective Tools for Solving Electric Circuit Problems
Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona Last couple of years, I have been focusing to teach low level electric circuit courses using flipped classroom approaches. I have ...

Subject: Engineering

The Role of Computation in 21st Century
Today, perhaps the most desired skill required is computation. We see the application of computation in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer aided drug design, financial models, earth observations, ...

Subject: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Health Sciences, Chemistry, Biology

Teaching a Computational Course to Students with Diverse Science Backgrounds
Gordana Garapic, SUNY College at New Paltz
Gordana Garapic, Geology, SUNY New Paltz Geology majors take the introduction to geophysics predominantly in their senior year. In addition, about a third of the students are engineering or physics majors. The ...

Subject: Geoscience

Visualizing Mathematical Foundations of Design Optimization using MATLAB
Yong Suh, California State University-Sacramento
Yong Suh, Mechanical Engineering, California State University, Sacramento In my experience in teaching the mechanical engineering students in our university, I have learned that many students can engage in ...

Subject: Engineering

Assessing Engineering Computation in a Flipped Course
Stormy Attaway, Boston University
Stormy Attaway, Mechanical Engineering, Boston University I usually teach the basic computation course for all engineering freshmen, which is essentially a course on computer programming concepts. The concepts are ...

Subject: Engineering

Helping psychology students embrace computational thinking
Adam Steiner, Minnesota State University-Mankato
Adam Steiner, Psychology, Minnesota State University-Mankato Prior to graduate school, my experiences with programming were limited to a few problems in computational physics. Once I began graduate school in ...

Subject: Health Sciences, Biology