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Using MATLAB to Enrich Elementary Linear Algebra Course
Sandra Fital-Akelbek, Weber State University
Sandra Fital-Akelbek, Mathematics, Weber State University Linear Algebra has broad applications in various disciplines, for example, in computer graphics, in modeling biological or social systems, or in ...

Subject: Mathematics

Scientific Computation and Preparedness for Undergraduate Research
Jeremy Loebach, Saint Olaf College
Jeremy Loebach, Psychology, Saint Olaf College As a Cognitive Neuroscientist, I teach a number of lab courses in which students design and conduct empirical studies, and analyze, interpret and display the data. ...

Computation and Assessment
Michael Groves, California State University-Fullerton
Michael Groves, Chemistry and Biochemistry, California State University-Fullerton I teach quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, kinetics and statistical mechanics. These courses typically have problems that are very ...

Subject: Chemistry

Using Mastery Learning Ideas to Assess Student Work
Thomas Kelley, Northeastern University
Thomas Kelley, Physics, Northeastern University Using Mastery Learning Ideas to Assess Student Work Assessing the skills of my students is the hardest part of teaching coding and/or programming. Assessing a ...

Subject: Physics

Computation in Civil Engineering
Julie Fogarty, California State University-Sacramento
Julie Fogarty, California State University-Sacramento Most of the undergraduate civil engineering curriculum is spent doing hand calculations based on theories that lead to closed-form and relatively simple ...

Subject: Engineering

Troubleshooting mathematical instruction that includes computation
Morgan Fonley, Alma College
Morgan Fonley, Mathematics, Alma College Among our greatest challenges in incorporating computational skills in math classes is the variability of our students' backgrounds. Because our courses are not ...

Subject: Mathematics

Coding is Thinking
Heather Whitney, Wheaton College (IL)
Heather Whitney, Physics, Wheaton College (IL) Coding is Thinking Most of the courses I teach in our major make use of computation, but they are at different levels, so there are different, but related, challenges ...

Subject: Physics

Developmentally Appropriate Numerical Analysis for Engineers?
Eugene Mahmoud, Mt. San Antonio College
Eugene Mahmoud, Physics and Engineering, Mt. San Antonio College A lot of the functionality of MATLAB for engineering students is in topics that most first-year and second-year students have yet to ...

Subject: Engineering

Computation for Oceanography and Coastal Science
Ali Reza Payandeh, Louisiana State University
Ali Reza Payandeh, Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, LSU The development and implementation of coastal and ocean numerical models has led to specialized applications in oceanography and coastal sciences. However, ...

Subject: Geoscience

The success of implementing a MATLAB project in a Medical Physics course
David Sterling, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
David Sterling, Radiation Oncology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Implementing computational projects in the classroom has helped my students understand material better and more quickly than they did before ...

Subject: Health Sciences, Physics