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Use of Matlab to reinforce concepts of Compton effect
Eric Ehler, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Eric Ehler, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities I recall on my time as a first year graduate student taking a course on radiologic physics and radiation dosimetry and remember well seeing this equation: (d_e ...

Subject: Physics, Health Sciences

Computation in Civil Engineering
Julie Fogarty, California State University-Sacramento
Julie Fogarty, California State University-Sacramento Most of the undergraduate civil engineering curriculum is spent doing hand calculations based on theories that lead to closed-form and relatively simple ...

Subject: Engineering

Specifications-Based Grading for Assessing Student Learning
Kristi Closser, California State University-Fresno
Kristi Closser, California State University-Fresno What is the difference between a student who receives a 79% in a course and one who gets 80%? At my university, we do not have +/- designations associated with ...

Subject: Chemistry

Computation and Assessment
Michael Groves, California State University-Fullerton
Michael Groves, Chemistry and Biochemistry, California State University-Fullerton I teach quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, kinetics and statistical mechanics. These courses typically have problems that are very ...

Subject: Chemistry

The success of implementing a MATLAB project in a Medical Physics course
David Sterling, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
David Sterling, Radiation Oncology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Implementing computational projects in the classroom has helped my students understand material better and more quickly than they did before ...

Subject: Physics, Health Sciences

Scientific Computation and Preparedness for Undergraduate Research
Jeremy Loebach, Saint Olaf College
Jeremy Loebach, Psychology, Saint Olaf College As a Cognitive Neuroscientist, I teach a number of lab courses in which students design and conduct empirical studies, and analyze, interpret and display the data. ...

The importance of programming skills in improving health across the lifespan
Manuel Hernandez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Manuel Hernandez, Kinesiology and Community Health, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign As the oldest of the old continue to become an increasingly larger percentage of our population, challenges due to ...

Subject: Health Sciences

Using MATLAB as an Exploration Tool in Numerical Analysis
Joan Weiss, Fairfield University
Joan Weiss, Mathematics, Fairfield University After completing my doctorate in 1979 I have been tenured by two institutions to be the lone Numerical Analysis instructor. So in nearly forty years I have taught a ...

Subject: Mathematics

Using Matlab in Applied Math Courses
Melisa Hendrata, California State University-Los Angeles
Melisa Hendrata, Mathematics, California State University-Los Angeles Drawing from my own experience in academia and also those of my former students who are able to enter the industry, computational skill is one ...

Subject: Mathematics

Building quantitative skills in Marine Science using MATLAB
Diane Fribance, Coastal Carolina University
Diane Fribance, Marine Science, Coastal Carolina University One of the major impediments to teaching undergraduate science majors effectively in a liberal arts institution can be overcoming (many) students' ...

Subject: Geoscience, Environmental Science