Dropping a Stone from a Bridge

Seyed Mohiaddeen Ali Tabei
University of Northern Iowa, Physics
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This activity is for a course called Physics 3, which is a complimentary course students take after general physics. The focus is to revisit the concepts using computational techniques or more advance calculus.

In this activity

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Learning Goals

The students will learn that how they can use Euler method in order to numerically study the kinematics of motion.

The students have access to a source code to modify written in Matlab.

Context for Use

In this activity, students investigate a solvable problem in general physics numerically and compare it to the exact solution. This will help give us an idea as to the limitations of the numerical method.

Description and Teaching Materials

Dropping a Stone from a Bridge
Dropping a Stone from a Bridge (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 18kB Aug16 18)

Teaching Notes and Tips


The activity has a step by step procedure. Students are assessed based on if they have completed each step correctly or not.

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