Image Registration in MATLAB

David Sterling
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Radiation Oncology
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This project introduces students to the idea of Image Registration, and three different methods to calculate how "good" a registration is. We will discuss Image Registration generally, and how it is useful in a Radiation Oncology clinic. We will also discuss how to calculate Squared Error, Cross Correlation, and Mutual Information, as well as the pros and cons of each.

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Learning Goals

The students should learn what type of image registration calculation is best used for different image types.

Matlab is utilized be performing calculations, and analyzing the results to draw conclusions.

There are higher-order thinking skills involved, including critical thinking, computation, data-analysis, and synthesis of ideas. These skills will also be used when writing a report at the end of the project, and during the class discussion after the students have completed their reports.

Context for Use

This project is intended for graduate level medical physics students, though it might be appropriate for some undergraduate students as well. There will be one lecture going over the material and the requirements for the project. The students will then have 3 weeks to complete the project, after which another lecture will be dedicated to discussion.

The technical skills required will be to load in text files, write for loops and conditional statements, and plot the resulting data.

This activity is designed to illustrate concepts covered in the course, but that are typically difficult for students to understand because there is usually little context provided for how the material can actually be applied.

Description and Teaching Materials

The attached presentation contains the lecture notes used to introduce the material, as well as the project assignment itself.

The Excel file contains the data needed to do the project.
Presentation and Project Assignment (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 5.9MB Aug15 18)
CT delineation data (Excel 2007 (.xlsx) 182kB Aug15 18)

Teaching Notes and Tips


-In the report, show understanding of the material presented in the lecture notes
-Show understanding of when to use Squared Error, Cross Correlation, and Mutual information in the context of image registration
-Use Matlab to calculate the correct values and plots

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