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Visualizing the Liberal Arts - Visualizing the Liberal Arts (Viz) is a project of the Visuality Working Group at Carleton College.

CISMI: Spatial Analysis and Modeling at Carleton - This part of the Carleton Interdisciplinary Science and Math Initiative website discusses various workshops and activities associated with spatial learning and cognition.

Teaching with Visualizations - This module discusses the use in teaching of sophisticated visualizations, which allow one to visualize multidimensional data.

Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations - This website from On the Cutting Edge explores the cognitive underpinnings of teaching with visualizations as well as what makes a good educational visualization. The site has a large collection of visualizations for teaching about the Earth.

Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Teach Geoscience in the 21st Century - This topical site from On the Cutting Edge explores the educational use of GIS and remote sensing systems in today's college classroom.

Relevant LTC Sessions:


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LTC: Students Do Visual Media

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center
Laurel Bradley (moderator), Director of Exhibitions; and Lew Weinberg (moderator), Media Technologies Coordinator Carleton Student Panel: Ryan Oto '09, Caitlin McKimmy '10, Caitlin ...

LTC: Is the Visual Ascendant? Images, Imaging, and Education in the 21st Century

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
By PEPS Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions and Curator of the College Art Collection; Cathy Manduca, Director, Science Education Resource Center; Beverly Nagel, Associate Dean of the College; ...

LTC: Picturing New Orleans: Studying Social Problems Through Filmmaking

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center
By PEPS Kimberly Smith, associate professor of political science; and Victoria Morse, associate professor of history; and Nick Bellos '12, Rebecca Gourevitch '12, Elena Rosenberg-Carlson ...

LTC: Integrating and Supporting the Visual: How We Work

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
By PEPS Egohsa Awaah '08, Student Researcher; Andrea Nixon, Director of Curricular and Research Support; and Heather Tompkins, Reference and Instruction Librarian Members of the Carleton ...

LTC: Visualizing the Victorian Novel

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, PEPS
By PEPS Susan Jaret McKinstry, Helen F. Lewis Professor of English How can we teach old books to new students? How can visual technologies help students understand historical objects? How can one ...