LTC: Students Do Visual Media

Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center, Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center

Laurel Bradley (moderator), Director of Exhibitions; and Lew Weinberg (moderator), Media Technologies Coordinator

Carleton Student Panel: Ryan Oto '09, Caitlin McKimmy '10, Caitlin Magnusson '09, Alissa Pajer '08, Mitchel Lundin '08, Erik Hove '08, Julian Laurent '08

Who better to demonstrate how visual tools, propelled by new technologies, are transforming communication and scholarship than Carleton students? Selected students will demonstrate digital documentary (Education 110 "Controversial Topics in Education"), digital story-telling, integrating "publishing" projects into courses, highlights from the "New Media Road Trip" (John Schott's Fall '06 off campus course), and other engagements with visual media.

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