Evans and Lakes
Evans Hall and Lyman Lakes on Carleton's Campus
Activities and Assignments

Carleton faculty and staff have generated an impressive body of teaching activities and examples. Each activity in this growing collection is presented in a common format so that faculty have the information they need to assess the activity's usefulness in their class and then implement it. Carleton faculty are encouraged to share their teaching expertise with their colleagues by submitting activities to the collection.

Course Design

Designing courses is one of the most important yet time consuming activities that faculty engage in. These resources highlight some of the expertise in course design that has been developed by Carleton faculty over the years. There is a collection of course descriptions and syllabi created by Carleton faculty as well as insights on course design and implementing new pedagogies in the classroom.

Pedagogical Techniques

From pedagogy to cognitive science, there is a very large amount of research into the science of teaching and learning happening among the ranks of Carleton faculty and staff. These resources showcase some of those efforts and point to useful materials for those interested in trying new strategies in the classroom.

For New Faculty

These resources are aimed at helping new faculty discover their path through academic life. Resources on work-life balance, articles and research, and what do do on your first day of class are available as well as other materials.

Curriculum Review and Development

In 2005, Carleton College charged its faculty with reviewing the College's basic curricular structure and graduation requirements for the first time in 40 years. Learn more about this effort and explore related resources here.

Past LTC Presentations

The LTC has an archive of videos and materials from past presentations. Click here to browse through the collection. Access to some of the materials requires a Carleton login.

Topical Materials

Quantitative Literacy

Whether you call it quantitative literacy, quantitative reasoning, mathematical literacy, or numeracy, it's a hot topic in educational circles -- and essential knowledge for navigating life in the 21st century. These resources go to the heart of how and why to teach quantitative skills across the whole curriculum and not just in math classes.


Civic Engagement

Civic engagement and service learning are powerful teaching tools as well as a great way for the campus to impact its surroundings. Learn more about the efforts underway by Carleton faculty to help their students make a difference in their own back yards.


Assessment of students and programs is becoming more and more important in higher education as faculty work to improve the learning outcomes of their students and make their case to administrators, funders, and alumni. This page presents resources for assessment a range of levels.


Visualization and visuality have been the subject of scholarship and discussion at Carleton for some time. Some of these resources draw on that exploration while others complement it with viewpoints from outside Carleton.

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