Initial Publication Date: May 10, 2006

EPA's Enviromapper

Enviromapper Logo
Enviromapper Storefront (more info) provides a set of web-based interactive mapping tools for viewing and querying environmental information.

Image courtesy of Environmental Protection Agency ( This site may be offline. ) .
Note: All of the Enviromapper tools function similarly. The following instructions will guide you through the general use of all the Enviromapper tools. Any special instructions for the specific tools are found on pages linked at the bottom of this tutorial.

Get Started!

There are several ways to proceed from the Enviromapper Storefront. You may:
  • Enter your Zip code, select What to Map, and hit GO ( Go Button ).
  • Click on the Advanced Options link and follow the three steps:
    • Step 1: select your map option; EPA regulated facilities, Environmental Justice Geographic Assessment Information, or Superfund clean-up sites.
    • Step 2: choose the location information; Facility ( note: after you submit your request, an additional screen will appear where you will enter the facility name, address, city and state), State, County, City, Watershed, Zip Code, or EPA region. You may also choose to enter latitude/longitude coordinates rather than a geographical locale.
    • Step 3: SUBMIT!
  • Select the mapping program and begin on the specific mapping page.

Making Your Map!

Once you choose the location to map and submit your request, you will be taken to a specific mapping window. Each mapping window is slightly different. For specific instructions for the individual windows, follow the links below.