Initial Publication Date: May 10, 2006

National Cancer Institute Cancer Mortality Maps and Graphs

Cancer Maps Logo The Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the U.S., provides interactive maps, text, tables and figures showing geographical patterns and time trends of cancer death rates from time periods 1950-69 and 1970-94 for more than 40 cancers.
Image courtesy of National Cancer Institute

Get Started!

From the front page, you will need to choose the type of cancer you would like to display on your national map. Click on the cancer type and you will be taken to new page with links to a variety of information such as a summary of geographic patterns and variations, downloadable data, interactive mortalitiy charts, maps, etc. You have several options from here.
  • Click on View Download Maps to obtain national maps.
    • You will be taken to a second parameter page where you must select to display single maps or combine maps in a single file.
      NOTE: These maps are not interactive.
      • If you choose to create a single map click on the red ball red ball to view/download your map.
      • If you choose to create a combined map click on the hotlink and you will be taken to a PDF map of combined data.
  • Click on Customize Mortality Maps to view interactive maps of cancer mortality.
    • You can customize your map by selecting variables from the bullet panel.
    • You may also choose to view information by state by clicking on state in questions on the interactive map.
    • If you are interested in viewing data regarding one type of cancer, click on the appropriate bullet in the right hand bullet panel. As soon as you click the bullet, the map will refresh and display the data you requested.
    • Finally, you can compare maps by selecting a comparison from the pull-down menu.
      As soon as you select from the pull down menu, the screen will refresh and your selected comparison will appear.

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