EPA's Surf Your Watershed Tool

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Surf Your Watershed (more info) is a service to help you locate, use, and share environmental information about your state and watershed.
Image courtesy of Environmental Protection Agency

Get Started!

Click on the Locate Your Watershed button and you will arrive at the initial search page.

From there you can select:

  • Search by map to use clickable state maps to locate your watershed.
  • Find Place by entering a city, county, river etc. to search all the geographic navigation tables for your location.
  • Places to use USGS's Geographic Names Information System to locate your watershed using a query system.
  • Locate you Geographic Unit by selecting a zip code, state, county, tribal nation, watershed number or stream name from the pull down menu and entering a name

Each method will lead you to a Watershed Profile containing the watershed name and cataloging number, links to helpful information about the watershed, assessments of the watershed, links to USGS information and information about places involving the watershed.

What Kind of Data Will I Find?

  • Under Assessments of Watershed Health you will find links to the EPA/state reports of watershed health. In these reports are information regarding impaired waters, total maximum daily loads (TMDL) of different pollutants, as well as a TMDL document search and lawsuit document search.
  • Under Information provided by the USGS you will find links to streamflow data, science in your watershed data, 1990 water use data tables and selected abstracts regarding your selected watershed.