Note: This resource is no longer available, but a similar resource called My Environment from the US EPA is available at:

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Scorecard: Get the Facts on Local Pollution is a search tool that provides in-depth pollution reports for your county, covering air, water, chemicals, and more.
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Get Started!

Scorecard is a very easy tool to use!

  • Enter a zip code into the box at the top of the screen and click Get Report get report button

You will be taken to a screen with links to information regarding toxins, air, water and environmental justice in your community.

What Kind of Data Will I Find?

  • Under Toxics you will find links to information concerning toxic chemicals released by factories, power plants and other industries, lead hazards and Superfund sites. Each section contains graphics depicting how your location compares to the national averages in the selected category, maps of hazards and links to additional information
  • Under Air you will find links to smog and soot data, information regarding air pollutants causing serious health risk and suggestions for creating cleaner air in your location.
  • Under Water you will find information about how the water in your location compares to national averages, information about watershed health and contaminants that affect fish health.