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History and Geography of Mono Lake

  • International Society for Salt Lake Research. This site is home of the International Society for Salt Lake Research (ISSLR), an organization founded to establish effective liaison between persons interested in... (more info)
  • Mono Basin Clearinghouse. This site serves as a comprehensive listing of scientific information on the Mono Basin, California. It is organized into the following categories: reports and studies... (more info)
  • Mono Lake Background. This document details the history, geography, biology, and educational value of Mono Lake, California. The author describes the effects of the saline and alkaline... ( This site is likely no longer available. )
  • Mono Lake Web Site. Mono Lake Web Site is the homepage of the Mono Lake Committee and offers helpful information regarding the unique hypersaline and alkaline environment. Visitors will... (more info)
  • Mono Lake, California. This Sierra Webpage is dedicated to Mono Lake, CA. It offers a brief description of Mono Lake, including photos and sightseeing tips, and features numerous writings by... (more info)
  • Pictures of Mono Lake . This site briefly introduces the history and ecology of Mono Lake. It is comprised of 27 professional photographs, each offering a visual insight into the community's... (more info)
  • The Student Revolution that Saved Mono Lake . This essay, written by a twelfth-grader in California, details the history of Mono Lake conservation. Beginning in 1976, it traces the events that inspired a few college... (more info)

Microbes of Mono Lake

Non-Web Resources

  • Carle, 1987 Introduction to Water in California This natural history guide tells the story of California's water. It traces the journey of water in the state from the atmosphere to the snowpack, faucets, and foods. (full citation)

Other Mono Lake Collections

Advanced Collection: Compiled for professionals and advanced learners, this collection includes resources such as journal articles, academic reviews, and surveys.

For Educators: This collection includes activities, assignments, and reading materials created specifically for educators.

Additional Resources

For additional resources about Mono Lake, search the Microbial Life collection.

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