Mono Lake Web Site

Greg Reis, Mono Lake Committee

Mono Lake Web Site is the homepage of the Mono Lake Committee and offers helpful information regarding the unique hypersaline and alkaline environment. Visitors will find information about the Mono Lake Committee, natural and political histories of the area, related water policies, a photo gallery with image descriptions, and links to related sites- including a clearinghouse. Those interested in Mono Basin birds will find sightings, counts, bird walks, and other related information. An additional feature, Mono Lake Live, offers up-to-the-minute data on road conditions, satellite images, weather, lake level, bird sightings, snow pack, and earthquakes.

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Subject: Biology, Ecology:Metabolism, Biology:Microbiology
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Collection, Overview/Reference Work
Grade Level: General Public
Extreme Environments: Alkaline, Altered by Humans, Hypersaline