Introduction to Water in California
David Carle 2004 California Natural History Guides No. 76

This natural history guide tells the story of California’s water. It traces the journey of water in the state from the atmosphere to the snowpack, faucets, and foods. Written by a California State Park ranger, it features 137 color photographs, 27 color maps, and a table “Where Does Your Water Come From?” for 315 California cities and towns. It provides up-to-date information on water quality in California, including discussions of Giardia, groundwater contamination, fluoride, and the bottled-water phenomenon. The book may be purchased from the University of California Press.

ISBN 0-520-23580-0
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Subject: Biology, Ecology:Metabolism
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work, Journal Article
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14), High School (9-12), General Public