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Eagle Nebula
One of the Hubble Space Telescope's most famous images is this view of the Eagle Nebula. Known as the "Pillars of Creation," they reveal the birth of dozens of stars emerging from compact pockets of interstellar gas called evaporating gas globules (EGGs). Image credit: Jeff Hester and Paul Scowen (Arizona State University), and NASA.

The Field of Astrobiology

  • Astrobiology Magazine (more info) . Astrobiology Magazine is an online service that provides summaries of scientific articles relevant to astrobiology. Specific topics include microbiology, paleontology, astronomy, climate history, planetary studies...(more info)
  • Astrobiology Roadmap. This NASA Astrobiology Roadmap outlines multiple pathways for research and exploration and indicates how they might be prioritized and coordinated. The roadmap embodies the...(more info)
  • The Astrobiology Web (more info) . This site contains astrobiology news and links about: astrochemistry, bioinformatics, biosatellites, gravitational biology, hydrothermal vent communities...(more info)
  • NASA Astrobiology Institute. This site provides information on NAI research, a library of publications, sections for teachers and students, and an Ask An Expert section. The student section features...(more info)
  • NASA Astrobiology Portal. This web site, hosted by NASA Ames Research Center, provides a portal to NASA's astrobiology program. It features astrobiology announcements, events, societal...(more info)

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