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Arthrobacter: Web page highlighting the microbe Arthrobacter oxydans and its' classification, ecology and references.

Dioxin Removal (more info) : Link to abstract entitled "Removal of Dibenzofuran, Dibenzo-p-Dioxin, and 2-Chlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin from Soils Inoculated with Sphingomonas sp. Strain RW1" on the Applied and Environmental Microbiology web site.

Geobacter metallireducens (more info) : DOE Joint Genome web page on the microbe Geobacter metallireducens, a microbe capable of utilizing toxic metal oxide as electron acceptors.

Other Altered by Humans Collections

General Collection: News articles, web sites, and reference pages, providing information about the microbes that live in toxic environments.

Educational Collection: This collection contains activities, assignments, and reading materials created for educators.

Environments Altered by Humans: Returns you to the main Altered by Humans Page

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