Removal of Dibenzofuran, Dibenzo-p-Dioxin, and 2-Chlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin from Soils Inoculated with Sphingomonas sp. Strain RW1

Rolf U. Halden, Barbara G. Halden, Darl F. Dwyer, Applied and Environmental Microbiology

This research abstract, available through Applied and Environmental Microbiology, reports that inoculation of a soil with the species Sphingomonas sp. strain RW1 resulted in the removal of the environmental toxin Dioxin. This removal was found to be dependant upon microbe density and soil organic matter (SOM). The web page also contains links to the full text article in HTML and PDF formats, as well as links to services, PubMed, Agricola, American Society for Microbiology, and other cited articles.

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