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Anabaena is a filamentous blue-green algae commonly associated with alkaline lakes. Anabaena are photoautotrophic and form heterocysts, cells specialized for nitrogen fixation. This image was taken by David Patterson of material collected from the alkaline, hypersaline Mono Lake. It is provided courtesy of the microscope web site.

Microbial Life Activities

Living in an Alkaline Environment is a three-part activity that explores the ecology and diversity of life in alkaline environments.

Los Angeles and the Future of Mono Lake is a WebQuest exploring the biodiversity, natural history, and preservation of Mono Lake. This activity calls upon the resources housed in MLER and asks students, grades 9-12, to consider the preservation of the Mono Lake environment in relation to the needs of humans.

Other Alkaliphile Collections

General Collection: Resources such as news articles, web sites, and reference pages provide a comprehensive array of information about alkaliphiles.

Advanced Collection: Compiled for professionals and advanced learners, this collection includes resources such as journal articles, academic reviews, and surveys.

Additional Resources

For more additional resources about Alkaliphiles, search the Microbial Life collection.