Los Angeles and the Future of Mono Lake

A Web Quest exploring the biodiversity, natural history, and preservation of Mono Lake

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Mono Lake

As we enter the 21st century, your generation is faced with a decreasing supply of natural resources and a growing human population. New technology and medicine continue to lengthen the human life span, but at what cost? Every day new species are discovered, but even more go extinct. We are faced with the challenge of preserving and enhancing the quality of life for the growing global population of humanity but in doing this we diminish the environment that helps to define the quality of life. This leads to one of the biggest social and political challenges of our age.

In this WebQuest you will research the natural history and biological diversity of the Mono Basin, an environment directly affected by the needs of humans. You will explore the unique environment of Mono Lake, the extreme forms of life inhabiting the area, the role of Mono Lake in the search for extraterrestrial life, and the impact humans have made on the area. In the end, you will be faced with a very tough decision: Are humans justified in taking water- the very life- from the Mono Basin to satisfy their needs?

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