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This workshop is part of the LSAMP IINSPIRE Annual Conference
February 2 at the Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Coralville, Iowa.


  • Create shared understanding of challenges Alliance partners encounter building programs on their campuses.
  • Explore and consider examples and options for building capacity from other institutions.
  • Create of a set of approaches and resources for overcome barriers.
  • Each participant will write an action plan for one next step they can take.

Resources: Additional, related, resources on this topic can be found on the IINSPIRE website pages on Using Societal Issues to Recruit and Retain STEM Students

Session: 2:00 - 5:00 pm

2:00 Welcome and setting the stage. Workshop goals for today. - Jim 

  • Who this workshop is for and our goals Discussion of 2015 workshop
  • What is the connection between STEM and Societal Issues
  • Considering making a change in your classroom or your program

2:10 Why we think that using social issues makes a difference - Cailin

2:30 Importance of Learning Systems Thinking - Jim 

2:45 Example: Alanah Fitch

Alanah Fitch (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 24.8MB Feb2 18)

  • Questions and discussion

3:10 Table discussion:


3:45 Example: Sanethia Thomas

  • Questions and discussion

4:15 Exploration of resources - Cailin

4:20 Discussion of possible projects, challenges, what types of help you need - Jim 

  • What scale are you interested in working on?
  • Describe things you have tried and want to try
  • What changes at a program-level would need, or like to see, to make these ideas possible?

4:45 Action planning

4:55 End of Workshop evaluation and ideas for future programs


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