Faculty Reflection: Deden Rukmana

Savannah State University
Course(s): POLS 3702 Introduction to Geographic Information System

A Success Story in Programmatic Change

I have twelve students in my POLS 3792 class from various majors including Environmental Science, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Marine Science, Civil Engineering Technology and Biology.

My class aims at introducing the application of Geographic Information Systems to the student respective discipline. It's not easy to offer cases to various majors in the class. I found the InTeGrate materials very resourceful and helpful in offering cases to my students including environmental justice, risk and resilience, and water sustainability.

The InTeGrate materials offer a lot of great knowledge and information for my class. I will use the InTeGrate materials for this class and my other classes in next semesters.

Incorporating InTeGrate Materials

I used the materials to offer the case studies for my students when they developed their GIS projects related to their respective major.


I used the materials and offered more variety of subjects to the class.

Outcomes and Evidence

The GIS projects that were prepared by my students indicate some improvements in student learning particularly in the application of GIS in their respective discipline.